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this hearing the special use operation to install a wireless special facility including nine screened and paneled antennas located on a roof top of an existing building at 725 terradel. we have up to 10 minutes for present for planning and 10 minutes for project sponsor and two minutes for the speaker opposing the appeal. and three minute rebuttal. and to all parties you can use an all of that time or portion of that time. supervisor lee. >> i am looking forward to listening to the arguments on both sides of this issue. this is one where there is much history in terms of these issues they have to take into consideration. as i listen to these arguments. so let's -- let's move the item. >> let's go. appellates. mr. begman. someone from at&t. sorry, we are waiting for the neighborhoods. if i could ask the appellants to please step up. >> this is my carrot. >> indeed. thank you for your patience. and appellants can use the 10 minutes and divide it up as you see fit. >> mr. president and members of the board. good afternoon -- i guess i should say good evening. this reminds me sit
that, you know, the cultural appropriation question is one that bothers us, absolutely, that cultures are, you know, they are borderless. i mean, we live right next to each other, always cultures informing and influencing each other, and you're right is that there's so much new produced that one of the things that black culture does is it is constantly on guard, constantly creating and recreating something new. you mentioned justin bieber and robin thicke, is it, you know, and this is what you can tell young people is it's tired. it's, you know, we listen to it and say that sounds like robin gaye, r and b30 years ago, so it's right that there is a constant mobility in moving in the sort of creativity of what's created right outside is more interesting and exciting than what happened on that mtv stage. i don't watch it. it doesn't suit me in my way. >> at the same time, i would hasrd to guess that creativity is under assault by the high mind lack of real culture that's being in their heads all the time. it is something to think about, and i think what you say about what you and your ow
extend the disability rights of americans to disabled people in other countries. the u.s. signed onto the treaty in 2009, but ratification the senate failed in 2012. this hearing is just over 2.5 hours. >> the hearing of the senate foreign relations committee will come to order. let me welcome our panelists and all of our guests who have come here today for this important hearing on the rights of roughly one billion people around the world with disabilities. let me quickly welcome three guests. among them, congressman tony coelho, who has been a longtime champion of the rights of the disabled. let me also recognize ann cody, representing the u.s. on three paralympic teams. she was also nominated to be the vice president of the international paralympic committee. she understands it is not just enough to make the stadium accessible. you need to make surrounding restaurants and businesses accessible, and we thank you for being here or your advocacy as well. i also want to recognize a leader in the disability community in macedonia. she is here to learn about transportation and independen
1067 is in the same situation as 1049. there's a code violation against 1067 for illegal use of residential space but my fear is we could be looking something although i hope the landlord has learned >> who initiated the practice. >> i understand there was a call. the complaints start in 07. the owner evicted a tenant and then the tenant didn't pay the rent and then claimed to their department and started the process >> okay. thank you. what we'll do is go to public comment >> thank you perfect. >> first speaker mr. shaw. >> thank you randy shaw. i think this is the first time i've spoken to this commission in 8 years. i missed the vote for tom as the director but you've proven from the last week's events i commend the commission for the wise decision because we've already seen in the last two weeks is the collaborative leadership style so if we had a few ago a defy who knew everything but tom is working with the directors. to get to the essence of where this is going - and i appreciate president menacing the article implicit laid out the realty and the t
that service area? i'll get to that later i'll talk a little bit about some early use if that's all right these are interesting and exciting numbers. i just want to grab my notes really quickly. >> so this shows trips from mid-august through last week i wasn't able to chart the latest data. overall san francisco trips the blue line peaks out at almost 12 hundred trips we're averaging somewhere between 900 and 1000 trips a day healthy use translates into 2.5 trips per day per bicycle which is a number we're happy with and the blue shaded region represents that's trips by annual members. and then the green line below represents trips by casual members. you can see where the green bar and the lowest valleys are on both of the blue graphs that's weekends and you can see that the casual usage is higher generally on the weekend where as the annual members and overall really peaks midweek. >> why do you think that is and some of the casual users people enjoying their weekends. >> certainly. >> why are they most likely to rise during the week? >> i think a lot of commute trips but there's mor
recognize people because this is the work that officer chin was too great that it helped us a lot in the work that we do that we feel compelled to recognize him at this time and this is timely because this is her last year of doing this, year end summary for 2012 wrapping up the accident statistics for us. officer chin started with the pd back in 30 plus years ago and the last 15 years or so she worked in the record's room and working with us in getting all the accident statistics, the collision data. and also summarizing the year end fatal and injury collisions and she was kind enough and generous enough to share that data for us and for us that's a big deal because as you know the chp's -- the state wide traffic system because of resource constraints, they've been taking quite a bit of time to turn around the year end summaries for us, so without that information that she is sharing with us, we would have been in big trouble in terms of analyzing particular locations for improvements, so it has been really important for us and we just want to take this opportunity to recognize
in this building there shouldn't be that much traffic from the hotel uses. i've been inside this building it's a really beautiful building i went there when someone's owned the building. i'm happy to see this is being perpetrated in a way in its architecture glory and makes a better use of it to i think i maintain it as a resource. i'm quite supportive of the project. i know they have wedding and the like that loedz have to be figured out mob you could talk about the loading. >> actually, the project sponsor has noted indicated they're interested in putting in a white curb that's an option they'll have to apply for. >> how many nablz the restaurants? - tables. >> about 40 tables. >> how many. >> combinations for large groups and sometimes i'd like to say there will be no loading off the street period. we're fortunate to be one of the few buildings on the street we have a driveway we can go down and deliver early in the morning. what happens on that street people double park that will not happen in this fatality we've been mindful to be good neighbors. with that i'll approve it >> i like
a daunting task ahead of us. today we have about 1 billion people who are suffering from malnutrition, and we talk about the fact that we're growing community. we're going to have 9.7 billion people on the earth. what is required we have to produce 70% more food than we have today. that eternal won't come easy. >> attendees range from ncos to ngos. one area of focus innovation the usa u.s. is employing now to feed the planet . >> roger shaw, for international development cited new crops and new technologies that are making a difference. >> after a number of years of persistent focus feed the nurture reaches 7 million farmers in more than 19 countries around the world. >> since the inception of the feed the future program in 2009 the agency has focused on encouraging innovations with populations with limited resources. >> these kinds of new science-based products including new tradition butter product that we're distributing to every family and products that we're delivering to families in the horn of africa will very rapidly resuscitate children. it is why during famine and crisis that it use
we were under the impression that they were happy with that. it's come back to bite us now. >> when was the dr. hearing? >> september of 2012. >> have you m it with them since then? >> we've been in phone conversations over some roof issues, but we haven't met with them since. it's not for lack of trying. >> it's been a year and 3 months. thank you. >> any other questions, colleagues to the project sponsor. okay, why don't we hear from members of the public who wish to speak in support of the project sponsor. first speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors, tim on behalf of the san francisco housing coalition. i would like to express my intense frustration to having to speak at a hearing for this. years after the project has come to us and here we are again both sides lawyered up and to why ceqa is such a broken process and two why san francisco has such a difficult time in addressing the housing challenges it so plainly faces. this took ten years to adopt. we were involved in many of those. the eastern set out the rules to what the city would say how we would address the future. what
have the latest for us. >> john kerry made a last-minute arrival in geneva and gave us the impression that a deal with iran was imminent. but john kerry was also joined by his fellow european ministers put brakes on the buzz. >> we hope to try to know and narrow those differences. but i don't think that anyone should mistake that there are some important gaps that have to be close. in the meantime, benjamin netanyahu wasn't hiding his disdain for the as yet to be concluded deal of. >> this is a bad deal. a very, very bad deal. it is a very dangerous and bad deal the details which remain secret boil down to how much iran will make its program were transparent and how much the world powers and windows must loosen the sanctions. iran's foreign minister has been saying he has his own tea party to go at home in the obama administration faces sanctions either to add rrther than subtract sanctions on iran. meanwhile, in iran, president ronnie was elected to improve relations with the world and they are very few people authorized to discuss the sensitive nuclear issue. but one academic at thi
storm is approaching that region. let's get to dana piper -- david piper streaming live for us from bangkok. david? >> hi, uma. the true scale of the death and destruction is only just becoming apparent in philippines. the death toll is likely to rise in the next few days. the typhoon smashed in to the philippines friday, packing winds of nearly 200 miles per hour. experts believe it could be the strongest typhoon to make landfall in recorded history. the central philippines felt the brunt of the storm. communities were ripped apart, as the strong winds flung vehicles about and tore down buildings. 15-foot high waves from a storm surge flooded coastal towns and villages. landslides and trees blocked roads, hampering the relief effort. there is still no communication and it's difficult to find out what has happened on some islands. the worst area is the coastal city that was engulfed by a storm surge. the aviation officials say the flight crew reported bodies on the street. the roads are still blocked leading from the local airport in to taklaban and the only way in is by helicopter.
that the committee does not become a vehicle for creating international legal obligations contrary to u.s. interests. could you further explain why you think it is in the u.s. interest to have an american serving on the committee created by this convention? >> one of the ways in which the committee can have a legal effect even though its recommendations are nonbinding is through the creation of customary international law. the committee clearly does not have the power to create it, but its recommendations that other states react and adopt, there can be a basis for a claim that there is customary international law therefore the opportunity for the united states to appear to object to interpretations of the committee that might be thought to give rise to obligations could potentially defeat the formation that the united states would view as unacceptable. there are examples of this occurring in the context of, for example, the human rights committee taking positions that certain rules of the state department they are not agreeing with. not ratifying the convention does not remove the ability to object
sorts of side effects of aquatic farming fish slice disease is on the drugs used to treat them all the attention upon the wild salmon on their way to school most of the summit on the market comes from such farms. but environmentalists warn that this cannot be the ounce of pride that if we truly want sustainability. a pacific wide strike gold in his accompanying the re mileage is to make some more on the whale because to vancouver on. all muslims from all them that she is a meet the amazing biological diversity of the west coast of canada. altman is best known work studying killer whales. the environmental activist was also being involved in researching simon that's led to criticize forum and simon phones. more than one hundred salmon racing facilities allocate it would be and it's not true paradox. they belonged to norwegian companies. a canadian malta allows them to produce seventy five thousand tons of beach yet. seventy five thousand tonnes of atlantic salmon which won't even make it to the pacific you're putting the fire rate in the prime wild salmon habitat is that all the pro
insult to injury, the white house -- the president -- is not leveling with us. he's trying to claim -- cover his tracks, claiming he never really made these promises. no wonder a member of his own party called this a crisis of confidence. if the president is truly sorry about this, he will take steps to right this wrong. that is why i have offered to -- a bill to delay this law's individual mandate impacts. after all, how can you tax people for not buying a product from a website that does not work? in addition, next week the house will take up the keep your health care act, which will individual today in them market can continue to exist. no one wants to go to their inbox or mailbox and find out a plan they want is not going to continue. we look it asking questions and holding hearings because we will get to the bottom of this. the problem is not just the website. it's the whole law. let's stop this train wreck now and give the mayor and people the fairness and peace of mind that they deserve. thank you for listening. k's monday -- >> monday as president -- is veterans day. preside
been the state from the us is preparing for inclusion off thousands of new techniques for pps off potential accidents. daylight robbery. daddy has had great seats left in the online bank to making off with multimillion dollar with optical. at the first veto of the house we lived at fifty eight valuation than to fourth the agency to buying of love from an american scientists. i mop like you're watching on tv with me to say it's good to have you with constant disruption in the second top story this hour. his mind breaking new kit called sweet pea run advantage of the fifth day pulling a man that the discussion on friday and went on the home office and sentiments of the six nations attending the talks expense squash is optimism that the meeting at the sofa and joined from any line from jeannie but with more now that does the side of the progress that has been made if a flop and i would still have green on. i think cautious optimism is the correct word to describe the estate was saddened that have been issued by the leaders taking part in peace talks you into the vet this morning we h
and the selection for quarter 2 is sarah lou. she's with us today and we'll ask cynthia who nominated the lady we'll - our winner for quarter 3 is secretary to the b ic ms. sonya hayes who was unanimously elected. and actually, i think (clapping) whether you want to finish this and take some pictures we'll take a pause but i have a frafrt to take some pictures >> we'll do that. >> thank you. >> congratulations. so congratulations to our candidates and does anyone want to say anything sonya >> thank you everyone. that's all i want to say. sarah do you have anything? >> thanks. thank you very much commissioners for this award and just want to thank you director for mainly for this award and thank you to all my colleagues to have - for having voted for me. and thank you. the model for nominating me for this award >> sonya you're not quite off the hook. >> thank you everyone i really appreciate it (clapping.) >> well sonya you want to say a few more. >> no. >> i'm very glad it was you i think you and i started together and weaponry trying to figure out everything and you've done an amazing j
some science. >> we are back for another exciting show and lindsay you can start us off. this is important to you as a mother. >> i did a story on ballistic backpacks and bulletproof backpacks. one being a former cia officer who thinks any layer of added security is good and one as a mom in do i really want to give my kids the idea that this kind of technology is going to keep them safe? let's have a look. >> as a former cia agent i learned how to shoot a variety of guns. so when techknow asked me to cover a story about the trend in bulletproof back to school supplies, it intrigued me. as a former operative and as a mom. back to school shopping it's always the most stressful time of year for parents like me who are not prepared and now we've got one more thing to worry about: some parents are buying items like this insert intended to bulletproof backpacks to their back to school shopping list. in the wake of the sandy hook shooting, it's no surprise that this year security is a big concern. i visited one company called hard wire, based in maryland, which manufactures bu
typically used on the golf course -- gulf coast and those have begun to export refined products into latin america and south america. so it's all about building an infrastructure to connect the production to the consumption. the pipeline transportation is the most efficient and cost-effective way to do that long run. >> host: with all that laying on the table at me turn to viewers. her couple of tweets, one from jody who says there is a whole new industry for renewable nonpolluting forms of energy. why are we scrapping the oil energy and we need or oil, more more gas and more more gas in more things to burn again. that's what makes this economy grow. democratic grow. democratic caller you are up next. go ahead. >> caller: good morning. hearing about how the oil is getting around and they willes on line in logan county are getting oil and gas and i know they are building some gas collection pipelines. where's the gas going around the country? >> guest: in a similar process we typically talk casually about oil or natural gas production but in reality a lot of it is mixed production. at the t
they come into the office to let me know what i'm doing right and wrong by the one thing that praises us is the tom o'dell clinic. when i went to meet the staff and i got to meet the board that included many of our constituents i saw how much they loved the space. those are not the easiest to please but they know their loved and cared for and a place with integrity and respect. i mentioned this a couple months ago when i came to the affordable housing program an amazing youth space here in the tenderloin. but when i spinster a night in one of the homeless shelters homelessness is not just an economic issue we treat homelessness as a economic issue we talk about job creation and housing and food. what became clear is homeless is a public health issue. that people have homeless not only because of the economic stylists but because of mental health issues and other issues. tom has for decades i want to thank the men and women that work here they are defenders and nurses their dedicated and committed to this population and to our neighborhood this is where they choose to stay you can see the
leaving missile attacks against targets in israel the us late night tv host didn't know what he means to face a storm of criticism all of that outfit. when health and heads of agencies warn that massive third placed in the bidding to world hunger. aging you're watching cctv news i am one among diplomatic sources say it watches foreign minister is expected and going constantly whines disputed nuclear program in geneva on saturday. the signs that it could be halfway toward a deal between tehran and world powers on friday us secretary of state john kerry of life in geneva as well. cctv chris pine cay parkinson has this report. unc could see its teach john henry and only things you need on friday any indications of a possible breakthrough in talks. one of ron's controversial and you can upgrade ground. the french fixation gem and foreign minister is falsely made him sick so this is to switzerland. figuring that the only prominent members of the un security council and gemini in me kept the p five plus one not need to consent to an indecent act with iran the full. when perry and ryan for t
to start reducing infrastructure and major acquisition programs, i think you give us an answer to the second half. can you go to the first half of that question? were able to scramble around to a significant degree in 2013. are you going to be able to rely on those kind of temporary measures if sequestration continues into 2014? , thank you, chairman. as he put it very well, scrambled in 2013 to come up with the dollars to meet our sequestration marks, there are things that we did that frankly mortgaged our future. we had to take money out of two places, one is readiness. we stopped training. we stopped sending individuals to be prepared at the national training center. a you can never recapture that. what that does is delay the buildup of future readiness. we will have to pay that price somewhere down the road. we simply cannot ever get that back. although we were able to do it for one year, it comes at our risk to respond, our risk to do a contingency. riskis really incredible that i am not comfortable with and the second pieces we had to furlough individuals who work is and
that as well. and so, >> i appreciate the work. and i find it very, very useful to have all of this together and organized by, it looks like you have it organized by general subject area, the budget and the capitol budget and you also have it organized by the month and the year and i find it extremely good to have it in one place and the question that i had was similar to commissioner loftus was there any reports or anything was eliminated if they were not, that is fine, that is just organizing what we already have and does not change anything and it just makes it more clear for all of us, and that makes a lot of sense to me. and it is a reminder of the responsibilities that we have as a commission to over see all of this and there is a lot of aspects in the department to look over, you know, even on the consent calendar and i appreciate everything that goes on before us and to discuss them and it is good to have it on the perspective here and then the last question was that i just had about the appendix b. and excuse me, exhibit b, and i was just trying to follow what this was for? >> and i
was able to be used at the time. you had the oil fields blossoms say 1914-1918 period. at its peak producing 300,000 barrels a day accounting for almost one in every five barrels produced in oklahoma and almost 5% of total u.s. marketed production. it was really just a field.cant booming oil you often think about it, i think about it in modern accounts of what north dakota is experiencing. think about this boom in cushing, as we have had previous successful fields to our north and east between cushing and tulsa, and so as the boom moved its way really became a drilling exploration focused town. the production just far outpaced what could be consumed and it became a gnat ral thought to begin building storage facilities, pipeline gathering facilities, and that so the nascent stages of the nod rn infrastructure that sits behind us this morning. host: what part does it play today in the oil industry? guest: the cushing hub is still violetly important. you think about -- vitally important. think about it, it is a marketplace, it is the marketplace, the benchmark price setting place for
i knew. i eye. the light the dw i'm saving some of the night for land and sarah kelly gives us coming out in the next half hour. it enabled world powers face off with the toronto for its nuclear program for the first time. about a possible deal one of the stronger storms on record has come all the philippines. when its destruction. berlin's new national gallery shows works for the nineteen sixties to the target of a landing the secretary of state john kerry to some important gaps still need to be bridged in geneva as well powers negotiate with iran over its nuclear program not the two sides have been holding high level talks aimed at ending what's been a long running dispute that there are signs pointing to a possible breakthrough but there's been no claim it suggests that the iranians want western powers to ease oil and banking sanctions in the first phase of any deal i would say they can free up frozen funds abroad but are ready to water down sanctions that much in the early stages still negotiations are ongoing. russia's foreign minister sergei laptop is now expected to join
and the information more useful. >> thank you very much >> any further public comment? >> none, public comment is closed. >> item three, report and announcements 3a, chief and report's review of recent activities. >> good evening commissioners. >> good morning, chief. >> and i think that just the best news to do a very successful halloween, no major incidents have known, and on the morning report that we get of all sorts of events involving robbie and had has the two events on halloween night and as the halloween goes and someone works and a lot of hall weans back in the day to only to have two in two significant events of note was a very successful halloween and that said, we have had a rough week so far this week and we suffered two homicides this week, and we had one early, on tuesday morning, at about 7:00 a.m.. and on the 57 yale in the bay view district. and we believe that that was with the blunt object. and officers have some leads on that, that they are actually working and then this morning, at about 4:50 a.m., the third and bryant and the southern, there was a vehicle in the area of
's nuclear program. james bays is in geneva for us. james, good to see you. we have been hear, i think, during the course of the morning already from french foreign minister laurent fabius - he has been talking and describing some of the stumbling blocks that remain. it seems that there's still work to be done here. >> there is still work to be done. as you say some talks started, buts only talks between the international parties - the so-called p5 plus one. the permanent members of the security council and germany, who are relating the international community. john kerry is in another meeting with the european foreign policy chief catherine ashton. when you try to get information from the u.s. side, the state department using the same phrase they use persistently using the phrase, "they are trying to narrow the gaps between the two sides." a little more information coming from the french, from laurent fabius, talking about some stumbling blocks and what happens to the uranium that's been enriched to the level of 20%. that being one of the stumbling blocks here. we have spoken to some
will let us know. clearly there is a connection, however, between what is going on in geneva and what is happening here. if there is a nuclear agreement, if there's an improvement in relations between the united states and iran, between iran and the western community in general, that is going to have an impact on iran's role in the region. and we are focusing today on iran and its eastern neighbors, specifically afghanistan, pakistan and india. while iran is often considered a middle eastern country, in fact, it's historically its cultural ties are as strong if not stronger with its eastern neighbors, with afghanistan and south asia. and, of course, iran will be a pivotal player as it has been all along in afghanistan, especially next year as the united states and nato began to withdraw all its, some if not all of their forces. we are launching a new issue brief this year that have some recommendations for u.s. policy. including a bigger role helping afghanistan manage its water resources, which is a key issue for iran as a downstream neighbor. and the united states can contribute to
as far as adding a unit or selling your building that's useful to know when the building was built and how it was legally or otherwise altered without or with permits so we have with us today three people. just scratching the surface of the available resources in san francisco about persons who know about historical buildings and jeremy paul permit consul stapt that does a lot of work trying to help people try and solve permit issues, many of which relate to learning the legal issues of their building and sorting out the records and, the survey coordinator for the planning department and historic research surveying is becoming more and more important and just recently we got a substantial cash settlement from a problem that took place at the moratorium that will be surveying and i don't think that's going through the planning department but the survey resources are so important and that's the settlement of a lawsuit is let's do more surveying. alan, right side is records management, arad yen cussad yen manager of records the department of building commission ran out of space so we
sreenivasan. >> good evening, thanks for joining us. the central philippines have been devastated by what's being described as one of the strongest storms ever to make landfall. red cross officials estimate 1,200 people have been killed. typhoon hayian ripped through the eastern islands of the philippines. meteorologist said the storm had winds of 200 miles per hour when it came ashore. it crushed buildings, brought down power lines and left roads impassable. widespread flooding after a powerful storm surge. >> devastation is -- i don't have the words for it. it's really horrific. it's great human tragedy. there's no power. by the time the sunsets it's dark and, you know, you're just going to have to make your way to where you can find some shelter. >> filipino officials reported widespread looting in the aftermath of the storm. hayian is now heading towards vietnam where emergency preparations are being made and several hundred,000 people have been evacuated. for an eyewitness account we spoke earlier with a freelance journalist. the vast majority of the casualties occurred there. we ask
was on the streets of chicago brings us the story. it's known as the windy city be on the skyscrapers of downtown glance. chicago is known for something pounds. ryan. some of these streets are described as war zones where violence is part of the media line. she joked. though it is all about girls and one the fbi estimates there were five hundred murders here in chicago in two thousand to twelve alone more than any other city in the united states. that figure has given chicago the reputation as being america's murder capital. most of the deaths are results of gun violence around here. it's no secret if you want a gun. you can get one. by the uniform again you know i'd love love this tree down and get it. you don't know for sure that the city of chicago was trying to change that by imposing a mandatory minimum law for gun offences under the law. anyone caught with illegally possessing a gun would get a minimum three year sentence. it would have to serve eighty five percent of that. no exceptions. maya lin record for an arms old lady. the grainy gone. dalits of another old will carry these neighbors
be further from the truth. once again, i'm all about the facts. let's talk about the facts. right now the u.s. consumes about 15 million barrels of oil a day. they are one of the largest consumers of oil on the plan pet -- planet. they import everyday about 7 or 8 million barrels of oil. this pipeline is a pipeline from producing areas in canada and u.s. to refineries in the gulf coast. that is not a pipeline to export terminals. it's a pipeline to refineries. to suggest that these these refineries in the u.s. gulf coast who are importing millions of oil a day from venezuela and saudi arabia and take that cheaper oil and put it through tankers, pay money to move that oil to other destinations and import higher priced oil just boggles the mind. nothing could be further from the truth. we know every one of consumers of oil, not one drop of oil is going offshore. host: donna from massachusetts, democratic caller. caller: i am from first nation people. from the time colonization and the conquering oil the americans globally, this has been the same denial story over and over again. host: we ha
scalpel spent entertaining us by molly home first it could be the strongest typhoon ever to hit land. the nanny on the battered central philippines killing at least the one hundred people. this in the city of tackled on the houses there are reduced to rubble an airport novel than a surge of floodwater and high end brand. the death toll now at this is expected to rise sharply as search and rescue efforts going on with us moving the storm and now barrels sports and vietnam for the latest on the second crust to do another who is in the capital of the men though on that team best efforts focusing now on the city of type a bomb it's the latest emergency operations there right now we're trying to reach toward the basic support services within the ap that try to restore power and communication lines within a couple but in the nearby island all the problems will lead to a nearby province of samarra now the priority to its work routine right now is that he had given a from nobody know about that. if you haven't received a call to meet the spiritual world of the town in a bid to prevent him f
baghdad. razak has grown used to being in the center of events that never before did he become the story himself until one day he was driving to work when suddenly during tours the two storey bridge and cards lol. i became conscious only twelve days later finding my leg was amputated he survived but was shocked again after finding out who was behind the attack and it is my neighbor admitted being an al qaeda member since two thousand senate she said. killian was a direct order if you receive the aha. the situation in iraq is long gone beyond the meanwhile. it has become clear. iraq has become subjected to a war of genocide by terrorists were targeting all spheres of life last week mr murray team met with president obama to use the media iraq was in urgent need of help with the signs general statements nothing concrete came out like how the sea peoples warrants on the ground. you will lie and anyone who walks in the streets at any moment with a couple of months it's likely will hold an exclusive built. at any moment. anyone may be killed. since that are intended years now that they're tal
as part of the c a he's going to return the restaurants use back to the property. we'll keep you posted. and finally, i want toly you know i'll be at the graffiti schedule meeting in recent horrify we've had graffiti and this is about law enforcement and i'll report back to you on outcome of that hearing. that concludes my comments >> commissioners if there's nothing else we can move on to inventory so far 2012 informational presentation. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm with the planning staff. this will be presented on the report. but because our group the information and analysis group that produces reports don't have the opportunity to come before the commissioners, i thought it would be appropriate to introduce to the commissioner the new staff that was recently hired. she's a bay area native and has degrees in industrial arts and geographic i didn't that makes her a special candidate especially, as we move into presentations of data and a lot more maps. so the commissioners, i want to let you know for the san francisco atlas that will be coming out soon. jay. she is a
-585-3880 republicans 202-585-3881, independents all others 202-585-3882. you can send us tweet @c-span wj inyou can go to alex pourbaix is the energy and oil pipeline president for transcanada. thank you for joining us. you're waiting for the state department to do their final recover on keystone xl. from earning reports released yesterday, it showed that the company has spent $2 billion so far on the xl pipeline. what have you spent that money on so far? guest: greta, it's just the usual things you spend money on those types of projects. in order to be in service at the time where we were anticipating there's a lot of long lead time items. there's pumps there's actual pipe all of the various control systems we had to buy put those orders in early. that's probably the lion share of that amount of money. there's obviously hundreds of environmental studies that need to be done. land surveys, it all adds up. i would add that the vast majority of that equipment came from american suppliers. guest: what abo
dollars and really the mta and the department of public work convinced us that we need to invest first in the core and in the state of good repair. we have a lot of needs and there's a lot of expansion going on in the city and county and i know one of the mayors charges to us as a group is to meet that demand but we do find in looking at the data and hearing from the experts both planning and transportation experts that we need to invest in what we have now because the bottom is crumbling under us. and so i would -- the biggest take away from learning about transportation and the needs in san francisco, i think is that we need to invest in the core before we enhance and expand our system. bart as you know is near its capacity. they have 400,000 riders now, expecting 500,000 in the next few years. at 750 now, they'll be well over capacity and they're projecting up to a million passengers by 2026. so there's a lot of improvement that is required by bart as well. bicyclist and pedestrian safety, i know that this agency has done a lot in the number of years, starting to roll out the
. >>> another gun scare at lax. >>> the party is over. >>> thanks for joining us >> a lot going on in the weather department. first let's get to the conditions we're expecting as we head out the door. patchy fog out there along the coast and patchy dense fog around santa rosa. other wise, a chilly start to the saturday. >>> the latest on the supertyphoon. it's still a category 3, catastrophic storm surge damage is a possibility. the winds are well off that record setting 196 miles per hour. by the time it makes landful this afternoon winds will be down to gusts of 145 help. it's the third typhoon in three weeks in the philippines. this will be effecting north vietnam later in the day. the good news is the winds are not as strong as it was when i roared ashore in the philippines last night. >> more on that powerful typhoon. check out the after math in central philippines. officials have recovered more than 100 bodies. the red cross said the number of people killed could reach more than 1,000. flooding over vehicles, downed utility polls and trees blocking roads delays rescue and
uses and i think an apolistry shop. they would require a 5-year certification and they also need their annual maintenance. their fire escapes use this accordion ladder. is that what you call it? occasionally, we see problems where it comes down and there's something obstructing it on the ground. sometimes you even see awnings. >> when they come in, that's something we always check if they have a fire escape. now adays they use velcro. >> one thing we have here, lawrence mentioned, you need a door. if you notice here, each residential unit. these are probably each side is a different residential unit that's going out and it's a case where that code evidently allowed you to use a window. >> there's an exception and it's on page 5. opening for the fire escape. it can be a window and it's 29 by 59 and so on. there's an exception for residential building. and probably, i wouldn't be surprised this serves separate units. they both access the same fire escape out let, you can see the goose net. it's an exciting climb and there's a high rise. i think it's the hastings building and it's r
>> the methods are not explained planning would have us believe that capacity is the real issue it's a function of electronic backbone not necessarily building important antennas. this is not similar to dial-up you have dial-up on your computer and you've got a modem you've got a stable system and could do with what you had. there are reputeers and switches available. there's a solution here right in the neighborhood where they have electronic gateways built in those momentum on the street to repute through they could switch through and use all the meg bits of information. okay. thanks >> supervisor mar. >> i wanted to ask mr. carson. so this body on may 25th, 2010, rejected the conditional use for t mobile >> correct. >> and at this point there was a t mobile service developed by t mormon mobile now we require a third service that the staff has said there's inadequate service would you say to this body that rejected the antennas why this is an important issue for your neighborhood. at that time, there were many, many people come out opposed but that if you could address we rej
the southern us presence in the country anderson says an extend credit to stimuli sharif has been pushing for negotiations with the ttp a name for two thousand including several pakistani make it a snap in the past six years and for the attack on the amtrak in sunny ca among other uses that was also known as my daddy deal for the heat inside the media programs he is to post this now to head the m medical attention after the seven thousand and two. i din even impose tiny ice on a cruise in the pakistani town of spots for two years until the army makes men began filing into the offences. one of the southern us nomination is another indication that the pentagon has now seen this organization in its operations in afghanistan and pakistan. social activist inbound that they say that if the intent with this that's only possible in on the beach and opposition stance about smart practices and upcoming nasa addictions are misplaced under the combined introduced to do monday installation of whom own blood is on tuesday the government to oversee the colts do but generally the system will snort addict
of the red cross in the philippines - thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> typhoon haiyan is making its way across the south china sea after leaving philippines devastated. we are watching feeder bands ahead of the storm making their way across parts of southern vietnam, where the second land fall will take place. up towards the north-west near the city of hugh sunday morning - we could see between 10-12 inches of rain. cooler temperatures are making their way across the north-east as we go towards saturday, and for the north-west - we'll see rain coming into play. to the north and parts of british columbia, it could be snow. you can see where the dark greens are and a little bit of red indicating where the heaviest station will be. let's thick a look at the forecast for seattle. it will be rainy for seattle and rainier as we go towards seattle. there may be a break in the rain on monday. down to south welsh. things are looking nice. warmer temperatures across southern areas. saturday los angeles, 74. warming up to 78 as we go towards monday and warmer on wednesday. how about sunny skie
's bayview, that's potrero hill, visitacion valley, it's a little hollywood, it's dogpatch. it used to be the portola, half of it. my heart is still with you, but i'm glad like the speaker said, it is whole. and that is what's important, is that that neighborhood remains whole so that our city will be whole. you agree? [cheering and applauding] cheers >> so, a few years back there was this little idea to take back the bayview and really began to rewrite the history and the narrative that we often hear about in bayview. and it actually started, ironically, with a small little abandoned swath of land that has grown up to become the cuseda garden. and it's the thought child and the physical manifestation of hard work, of a few community leaders that got together and rolled up their sleeves and got to work. and tonight i have the honor to introduce one of the co-founders, his name is jeffery betcher. where are you? get up here. and jeff is going to introduce to you as he escorts ms. annette young smith to the stage. this lady, ladies and gentlemen, is a lifetime achievement award winner
. >> president mazzucco we have a quorum and also, with us this evening is director jared hicks from the occ and chief of police. >> and thank you very much inspector monroe and welcome to the wednesday, november 6th, 2013, san francisco police commission meeting and ladies and gentlemen we have a full agenda and most will be in the closed session with the disciplinary matters and review of other issue and so we will spend a lot of time in closed session, but before that we will be in the open session and so please call line item number one. >> consent calendar, receive and file action. sfpd/occ third quarter, 2013 status report on general orders and policy proposals. >> commissioners have you this on the consent calendar in your packet under tab number one and are there any questions or concerns or in put? >> commissioner chan? >> i just had and just noticed when going through the report, that it looks like there are 1, 2, 3, 4, or so pending dgos that are with the command staff and just hope thating one of those gets to us soon. >> and i agree. >> and that is it. >> anybody else commission
at 1660 mission street. we have one of many buildings served by fire escapes. they are typically used when there's a required means of existing or egressfrom the building. this building has a main stairway and all these fire escapes. i don't know about the backside. it probably has more exits that would be typically required to have. >> typically fire escapes are the second. the first is for existing buildings. my guess is the building has been broken up. that's why they add more than one fire escape. >> and in fact one of basis of the building code is to get people how the. how do you get people out safely? >> right and the cold always says, if one is blocked there should be another one in 99 percent of buildings >> and there are limitations on how you exit. you can't exit from one tenant space to another if that space is locked. that's why we have extra fire escapes on this building. let's look up at these fire escapes for a second. the fire escapes have a few specific elements. and we'll talk in detail about what they are. they include a way out on top fire escape balcony. the fire esca
o'rielly have been confirmed by the senate. joining us this week to discuss the sec's agenda for the coming year, sam gustin of "time magazine." what you think is the number one priority for the fcc? >> i would say the biggest priority, the biggest immediate priority, is the spectrum incentive option that is scheduled for next summer. that is enacted by the to sell to sell thee fcc spectrum to address the growing spectrum crunch, which is being driven by the massive proliferation of smartphones and tablets. >> assess confirmation hearing, tom wheeler talked about the upcoming spectrum auctions. here is what he had to say. i want to get your response. [video clip] >> the incentive option, as i said, is something that has never been tried before. , liken it to a rubik's cube that over on the side of the cube, you have got to provide an incentive for broadcasters to want to auction their spectrum. on this side of the cube, you have got to provide a product that is structured in such a way that incentivizes the wireless carriers or whoever the bidders thate to want to bid for spe
the rescue with andrew stephens and i asked him to walk us through what happened. here's what he said. >> trapped in one of the hotel rooms. screaming desperately and smashing the glass windows in a desperate attempt to get out. one of my colleagues went out there trying to face another colleague. managed to get a mattress, i think, to float to get a family out. it included people who could not get out by themselves. >> cnn i-reporters continue to send us images of the typhoon. we have several videos from the city. the river is swollen by heavy rains. it turned into a raging and murky mess flooding parts of the city. look at that video. unbelievable. here is another view of the river. the residents brave the aftermath and see the floodwaters from a bridge overhead. one more view where heavy surf and huge waves slammed the coastline. we continue on with this story now. the pictures we are seeing on the ground show the destruction the typhoon left behind. the scale is most apparent from another angle. take a look at this photo, the killer storm as seen from space. this picture was tweet
space for us to react to the issues reacting in time and making sure that we are looking in the forward and not just in the past, at the california, department of justice and one of the issues that i know that brown did is look at all of the statutory required report and say did someone actually use this or did it go into a box? and so, for me, it would be great if you guys could talk about that or give a sense of what we called and, if we have any sense of whether this is just on the list that is required to an admin code or whether we really identified that there is something who use its and it is valuable information and because i know that i feel for myself that there is always information that i want from the department and i feel like recognizing the resources and that i want to make sure that they have room to be responsible to this commission. and just keeping up what was in the past. >> thank you, commissioner loftus, for your comments. and you are right, that is one of the reasons why, we started to work on this and created this resolution, is because, we really did not have t
? >> just because you use twitter doesn't mean it's a great investment. how does twitter make money? most people don't know. they make it by advertising. most people don't understand that, they're actually losing money. >> rachel, you're a huge twitter user. it's helped you a lot professionally. >> and personally. >> a lot of fun on it. i'm wondering what your take is in terms of what it has done for you in your business and where the advertising needs to go. >> i've been on it since 2008. when i was on twitter i was working at the "huffington post" covering the presidential election in 2008. the first early adopters in media were on twitter. that's how i started to consume my news. i remember noticing it in the conventions in 2008, i wasn't looking at the news sites, just looking on twitter. it's become just this first line of news consumption for most people. but it's so much more than that for me personally. as an activist it helps me get my message out. as someone who likes to engage across a broad variety of industries, i can easily do so and find the common denominator. i do a lot o
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